In the Garden…

Il Giardino del Thè is a little tea room, a magical place situated in a historic building in the centre of Prato in Tuscany. It’s location in Piazza Mercatale has been renowned for trade and commerce since the 12th century and is one of the largest medieval squares in Europe.
Inside our Tea Garden we cultivate with care and dedication, meetings amidst flavors and aromas, guaranteed to delight. Whether it be an afternoon in the company of your loved ones or an evening with friends where you can converse to a backdrop of refreshing soundscapes.
In this little haven that hosts art exhibitions, jazz nights, book presentations and every type of cultural event, you will find a selection of teas from around the world and a choice of infusions and herbal teas which may be served with cakes, biscuits and handmade chocolates.
So reward yourself a moment of calm and observe the affairs of everyday life from our vantage point.